Sunday, November 20, 2005

Everything's covered in frost

I thought everyone that was saying this is going to be the coldest winter since the dawn of time was talking rubbish, but now I'm starting to believe it... It's freaking cold. Good for knitting I guess. So here's the completed back of the doctoral hoodie. Tres exciting. There's the eternal sock there for good measure too. I can't seem to not make little ladders where the needles join, any tips on getting rid of that phenomenon would be appreciated.
I think, since the first iteration of the hoodie was too small, that I overcompensated, and now I'm afraid it's too long, but I'm not redoing it again, and, besides sweater-dresses are in this year. Maybe not pour homme, but whatev's. I went a bit OCD on the raglan decreases, because I really like the decreases that you see on commercial knits, you know like the little cable-y looking ones, but not really cables? If not, I took a photo, and I found a really good little write-up about decorative decreases here. (The one I used is called the double decrease, scroll down a wee bit)
On a sort of knitting related note, I was at a book shop the other day, and I saw an older man wearing a jumper with really cool raglan decreases (this was the final inspiration), and I was trying to figure out how they were done just by looking at his jumper... and then I realized that he probably thought that he had something weird stuck on him or that I was checking him out. The next realization that followed was that I've probably freaked out loads of people when I've been trying to analyse how their knits were made. Aaah well.

Added later: For anyone who has even a passing interest in fashion, you will have heard of the awesomeness and chaos that has been going down concerning the Stella McCartney collection for H&M. If you missed your chance to grab some designer goods at high street prices, you may have a chance again, as I just read this, too. But you won't find me pulling the hair and scratching out the eyes of other thrifty fashionistas... No, my smug ass will be sitting right at home, stroking my new sapphire silk wrap dress, that I got off my beloved E-bay for a song. Just to rub it in a bit more, here's the visual.


Blogger Mary deB said...

I think you and I have the same unfinished socks!
And yes, it is veeerrrrryyy cold!

20/11/05 19:41  
Blogger Luca Brazi said...

Only cowards use ebay, you should have gone and ripped out a weave or two, gansta style.

22/11/05 19:54  

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