Saturday, November 05, 2005

Post Halloween Blues (aka I Have Mono)

I don't really have mono (or 'glandular fever' to those of you who were born 'n bred in the UK, also know as the 'sluts' disease' because most people get it for being big ol' hos), but I still fell like crappo. Plus a wisdom tooth is coming in (all you dental enthusiasts can have a guess at my age, then) and constantly pouring buckets of blood into my mouth, then throat, then stomach, creating a) an achy mouth, b) bad breath, c) a rough throat, and finally d) an upset vampire's stomach. So, please everyone, if you're free tomorrow night, you're all invited to my pity party. It's fancy dress, so you can get a bit of extra mileage out of your Halloween costume...
Speaking of Halloween (like my segue?), here we are:
We had one more in our party, a lovely jaguar, but she took this photo. We are (clockwise from the left): a swamp thing(with eyeball in mouth), a CSI, a Marc Bolan, and a Jedi. Dig on the homemade light saber... It's a fluorescent light bulb tube filled with glow sticks then fitted with a bicycle hand grip. Because bringing glass tubes filled with maybe toxic powder to a place where lots of drinking and dancing is going down is always a good idea. The CSI had evidence in the form of various body parts and also came with a vial full of cotton swabs, in the event that a DNA sample would be required. And, funnily enough, there was a lot of swabbing going on.
So. Knitting. Since last we spoke, I knit the entire back to a raglan hoodie (of my own design, uh huh huh) for my PhD friend using that blue eBay merino, and today just ripped it all back out so I could start over again because I'm pretty sure it was going to be too small for it's intended recipient. I took no photos because there has been no sun, and figured I would just insult your sensitive aesthetics with some hazy flash photo. I then wound up the quadrupled yarn with some mo' quadrupled yarn to make it octupled because I decided it was way too flimsy anyway. So a bigger more substantial doctoral raglan hoodie it shall be. I'm glad no one ever mentions the, er, 3 other projects that I have completely disowned (the sock, the 'carnival scarf', and the anthropomorphic cardi). All I have to say for myself is: the sock is boring, the carnival scarf has yet to be assembled because I'm afraid it's going to look like a doily train, and why on earth would I knit a bright green cotton lacy cardigan(stupid bastard never wanna pick it up again) in the middle of autumn? I would however, totally love to be knitting this bright green cardigan/jacket in the middle of autumn. I'm seriously coveting it as I watch it being knit over at Wendy's.
Oh, and Luca, I will write you an email soon, I promise. But I bet I won't have much else to tell you than what I just wrote. Here are some more photos of Halloween hijynx to make up for being crap at writing you back. Sadly, there are no photos that capture the awesomeness of my 5-inch snakeskin platform knee-high boots, but I can tell you they really pulled the ensemble together. The photos are in chronological order... Chronological being a fancy word for 'from least to most inebriated.'


Blogger Luca Brazi said...

Congrats on the most obscure and rockin' costume ever. Were they out of Geddy Lee costumes? Ahh, I wish I could come to the pity party, i will feel bad from a distance.

7/11/05 03:47  
Blogger Luca Brazi said...

And Mono is not necessarily the "Ho's Disease" I contracted it just from being on that dirty continent.

7/11/05 03:51  
Blogger La Donna said...

Err, no, they burnt all the Geddy Lee costumes because Rush are an abomination. And, you, sir, are in fact a ho.

7/11/05 16:46  

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