Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I'm sorry!!!

Okay, I'm not dead, I'm just dead busy. Work has gotten crazy (as have I after a few nights of staying in the lab until, oh, say 3am), and I'm still househunting, plus Christmas shopping and Christmas preparation, I'm about to go loopy. As you can imagine, that doesn't leave a lot of knitting time, so there's not even much to show you. So, I will give a proper update soon, but in the meantime, go see The Chronicles Of Narnia. Seriously. I'm sure Disney really need that money.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Awww, thanksgiving!

I trust everyone in America is recovering from their turkey/tofurky comas, I'm doing the best I can. We had a fun filled, food and wine filled, evening of general excess, with a pumpkin pie that was baked in huge casserole dish, if that gives any idea to the size of the evening. It was good fun, and, being the only American there makes it kinda feel like it's my party. They almost made me sing 'The Star Spangled Banner', though, so it has a flip side, too. The day started off not-so-awesomely when I found out that the people I was going to move in with in January have decided they don't want me now. So, it's back to the househunting again. UGH!
I had a good night out on Wednesday, too, it was a friend's birthday so we went to see a band from Dublin called the Chalets, and they were good fun, nice girl-tinged pop with some rough guitar, in the vein of Veruca Salt. The openers called The Young Knives were great, too. There was a DJ set after the gig, and so dancing and drinks specials were had until the wee hours. There was a bit of a dancefloor disaster, when a friend was trying to drag me back into the fray, he managed to knock my massive huge plastic bracelet into an improperly-healed old war wound (broken bone in my hand), and now my left hand is kinda lumpy and bruised, and memories of my old hot pink plaster cast have been haunting me. Not great for knitting. I think maybe I should change the topic of this blog... I seem to be much more proficient at injuring myself than at knitting...

Oh My God!!! IT's SNOWING! SNOWING!!!!
[R.I.P. Georgie Best]

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Everything's covered in frost

I thought everyone that was saying this is going to be the coldest winter since the dawn of time was talking rubbish, but now I'm starting to believe it... It's freaking cold. Good for knitting I guess. So here's the completed back of the doctoral hoodie. Tres exciting. There's the eternal sock there for good measure too. I can't seem to not make little ladders where the needles join, any tips on getting rid of that phenomenon would be appreciated.
I think, since the first iteration of the hoodie was too small, that I overcompensated, and now I'm afraid it's too long, but I'm not redoing it again, and, besides sweater-dresses are in this year. Maybe not pour homme, but whatev's. I went a bit OCD on the raglan decreases, because I really like the decreases that you see on commercial knits, you know like the little cable-y looking ones, but not really cables? If not, I took a photo, and I found a really good little write-up about decorative decreases here. (The one I used is called the double decrease, scroll down a wee bit)
On a sort of knitting related note, I was at a book shop the other day, and I saw an older man wearing a jumper with really cool raglan decreases (this was the final inspiration), and I was trying to figure out how they were done just by looking at his jumper... and then I realized that he probably thought that he had something weird stuck on him or that I was checking him out. The next realization that followed was that I've probably freaked out loads of people when I've been trying to analyse how their knits were made. Aaah well.

Added later: For anyone who has even a passing interest in fashion, you will have heard of the awesomeness and chaos that has been going down concerning the Stella McCartney collection for H&M. If you missed your chance to grab some designer goods at high street prices, you may have a chance again, as I just read this, too. But you won't find me pulling the hair and scratching out the eyes of other thrifty fashionistas... No, my smug ass will be sitting right at home, stroking my new sapphire silk wrap dress, that I got off my beloved E-bay for a song. Just to rub it in a bit more, here's the visual.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Lift up the sofa cushions, again...

There another knitters' relief thang going on for the India/Pakistan earthquake here, so get thee to a charity website and give them your money. Once again, you can win exciting prizes of knitterly things (and maybe some brownies..) if the warm glow of selflessness doesn't do it for you.
Sock knitting has been resumed. I started drooling over the newish Opal Rainforest sock yarn, and since I don't wear socks (er, I blame this on growing up in Texas, but socks freak me out), and I don't really have any lady friends to knit socks for (I blame this on being very hard to get along with), I decided if I want to do some sock-knitting I should finish up the ones I started ages ago. How's that for being sensible? I think it has something to do with the maybe GREY hair I just found on my head yesterday whilst preparing to, ahem, enhance my natural blonde state... I'm not sure if it was actually grey or just a hair that grew slower than the rest and was therefore still very light blonde when everything else had grown to be, ahem, slightly less blonde.. or maybe it was just a particularly shiny, reflective hair, it's very hard to determine when you can only see about half and inch of it... but I can't seem to find it today, post-colouring... I don't really mind actually, since I've always thought grey hair was cool... and that if my hair was entirely grey I could put down the peroxide for good. Or maybe it's that wisdom tooth that's coming in... That's a weird predicament to be in, maybe having a grey hair while a cutting a tooth. It's like worrying about acne and wrinkles. And by that I mean that it sucks.
Something that doesn't suck, however, is that I have finally found a place to live!!! Hooray! I won't be moving in until January, but at least I don't have to wander around the city going to strangers' houses anymore.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The Birthday Blog (aka Here comes the greed)

I just realised that my blog is a year old today!!! Hooray! Of course I'd like to say 'thanks' to everyone who reads this for being awesome and listening to my pointless ramblings. I don't have any wise reflections or tips or anything like that, but in honour of this occasion I have added links to my Amazon(US and UK) wishlists on my sidebar under 'greedy stuff'. And you can take from that what you will, I'm just the prophet.
Happy birthday, La Cosa Knitstra! Wheeeeee!

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Post Halloween Blues (aka I Have Mono)

I don't really have mono (or 'glandular fever' to those of you who were born 'n bred in the UK, also know as the 'sluts' disease' because most people get it for being big ol' hos), but I still fell like crappo. Plus a wisdom tooth is coming in (all you dental enthusiasts can have a guess at my age, then) and constantly pouring buckets of blood into my mouth, then throat, then stomach, creating a) an achy mouth, b) bad breath, c) a rough throat, and finally d) an upset vampire's stomach. So, please everyone, if you're free tomorrow night, you're all invited to my pity party. It's fancy dress, so you can get a bit of extra mileage out of your Halloween costume...
Speaking of Halloween (like my segue?), here we are:
We had one more in our party, a lovely jaguar, but she took this photo. We are (clockwise from the left): a swamp thing(with eyeball in mouth), a CSI, a Marc Bolan, and a Jedi. Dig on the homemade light saber... It's a fluorescent light bulb tube filled with glow sticks then fitted with a bicycle hand grip. Because bringing glass tubes filled with maybe toxic powder to a place where lots of drinking and dancing is going down is always a good idea. The CSI had evidence in the form of various body parts and also came with a vial full of cotton swabs, in the event that a DNA sample would be required. And, funnily enough, there was a lot of swabbing going on.
So. Knitting. Since last we spoke, I knit the entire back to a raglan hoodie (of my own design, uh huh huh) for my PhD friend using that blue eBay merino, and today just ripped it all back out so I could start over again because I'm pretty sure it was going to be too small for it's intended recipient. I took no photos because there has been no sun, and figured I would just insult your sensitive aesthetics with some hazy flash photo. I then wound up the quadrupled yarn with some mo' quadrupled yarn to make it octupled because I decided it was way too flimsy anyway. So a bigger more substantial doctoral raglan hoodie it shall be. I'm glad no one ever mentions the, er, 3 other projects that I have completely disowned (the sock, the 'carnival scarf', and the anthropomorphic cardi). All I have to say for myself is: the sock is boring, the carnival scarf has yet to be assembled because I'm afraid it's going to look like a doily train, and why on earth would I knit a bright green cotton lacy cardigan(stupid bastard never wanna pick it up again) in the middle of autumn? I would however, totally love to be knitting this bright green cardigan/jacket in the middle of autumn. I'm seriously coveting it as I watch it being knit over at Wendy's.
Oh, and Luca, I will write you an email soon, I promise. But I bet I won't have much else to tell you than what I just wrote. Here are some more photos of Halloween hijynx to make up for being crap at writing you back. Sadly, there are no photos that capture the awesomeness of my 5-inch snakeskin platform knee-high boots, but I can tell you they really pulled the ensemble together. The photos are in chronological order... Chronological being a fancy word for 'from least to most inebriated.'

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Enough already!!!

Still feeling like dog doo with my freshers' plague. I'm sure it has something to do with me feeling slightly better, then deciding it would be a good idea to go out with friends for drinks and smoking a few too many ciggies. I refuse, however, to be ill this weekend for the Halloween celebrations. I'm still getting my costume together, and I'm super excited about it. What's everyone going as?
Not much knitting has been going on, I have however, wound up all of that merino... I then wound four singles together to bulk it all up and make it knittable, and will (I promise) start on that jumper soon. I also have reclaimed some wool from a jumper that I used to love, but now is waaay too big, so I think I will make a similar, but smaller jumper out of it. Aside from that, there is nothing exciting going on.
PS - has anyone else seen this ?!?! Oh, Anthropologie, you are the clueless friend we only tolerate because she is so good looking. You would think this would be a bad business move for a company that deals heavily in customers' knitting naivete.

added 28/10 - I'm getting comment spammed like nobody's business, so unfortunately I'm going to have to tuen on verification for the comments. This is why we can't have nice things.